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Steps Digital is a very good Bulk SMS Service Provider organization. We deal with your assignment with tailored electronic interface and desktop application. We supply with best network scope and huge network territory. Today, a lot of business houses are utilizing our Bulk SMS Services and they are totally satisfied with it. Nowadays, in the event that you want to start a business and you want to present your own particular product to the mass, then you can contact us since this is a most effective weapon to reach out to people and to introduce yourself in the market. Furthermore, you will find a lot of potential clients who are trying to seek our venture as we provide specialized support, every minute of every day.

We offer incorporated web solutions for sending bulk SMS, which is not difficult to use and authentic as well. We have adaptable framework, with the help of which you can send message from any web empowered device. Our framework gives office to manage and produce an online contact list, incase we need to resend the message at any time. Our framework stores your contact list safely and gives you out of office access to work on it. We ascertain you a quick and trustworthy services, at least cost per SMS. We knew that Bulk SMS has a limit of 160 alphabetic characters but with our aesthetic and inventive thoughts, you can commune with your targeted group.

Short Message Service or essentially the SMS is a kind of revolution of cell phone industry. It has opened one more way of communication between people. Due to the increasing popularity of text messages in 21st century, companies and sellers are choosing it for showcasing their products and goods through SMS. Be that as it may, since they are focusing on a huge mass to which they will be presenting their item, it will be really laborious and monotonous work to send SMS to every single person individually. So, these business houses began to consider some method by which they would have the capacity to send the Bulk SMS to thousands of people at one time to promote their product. Led by this thought, another idea came into existence and it is called as 'Bulk Short Message Service' or the 'Bulk SMS'.In short 'bulk SMS' is a unique sort of framework which empowers an establishment or an association to send or get a bulk amount of SMS i.e. SMS in a bulk. That is the reason this idea is known as 'bulk SMS'. For instance: 4.5% discount on purchase of baby products. Offer ends today!!. Regards, ABC Company.

Bulk SMS Features:

  • The same SMS content could be delivered to different clients at the same time and the customer can set the quantity of receivers of those messages.
  • Sender can deliver bulk SMS Delhi subsequently after getting a special sender ID, which is distinctive for every single client. Sender ID is numeric in nature eg: DM-501002'D' stands for the administrator code 'M' remains for the service area '- " is the delimiter'501002' demonstrates six numerical character for organization or association which is sending SMS.
  • Bulk SMS has gained popularity because one has put minimal effort in it. Bulk SMS incurs 20-30% less cost when compared to print media.
  • Sending bulk SMS is just a matter of seconds and this is a very striking feature of bulk SMS.
  • Bulk SMS has 9 am to 9pm service offering to people.
  • Mass SMS can't be conveyed on those numbers, on which DND is activated.
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